One of the most important steps which we take to delivering quality staff is our recruitment and training process. The objective of recruiting, training and delivering suitable manpower is to meet our clients’ requirements. The training staff has the capability to design and conduct "customized training" at customer site.

The preliminary selection of candidates is conducted at the recruitment centers. The screening process involves review of academic qualification and physical quality requirement in line with the company’s recruitment policy.

Once selected, the verification of antecedents, medical examination, re-checking of QR and verification of all documents of the prospective candidates is conducted. Selected candidates are taken into the academy for a residential training program. The training includes both physical and theoretical sessions. There is a periodic evaluation during the entire training period.

At the end of the training program there is a qualifying criterion and those who fulfill the same are qualified for deployment through a passing-out parade. For the next six months, we monitor the performance; retention, desertion and other pre-specified parameter of the deployed guards and the data is analyzed by management during business review exercise.