We all are aware that everywhere crime rate is growing in our society. Therefore, the need of the hour is providing competent and proficient security services to our society. The traditional law enforcement agencies can not meet the demands for the additional security that the private sector is requesting. The result is an ever-increasing need for more expert and qualified security companies.

GALLANT is an organization committed to supplying quality professional individuals for guard services, executive protection surveillance, industrial security, and private investigation and event security. Few of our goals for your organization: -

  • To provide need based security and security in depth.
  • To ensure that security measures commensurate with real security hazards.
  • To secure and protect against damages, destruction's mischief's espionage, subversion and all other risks.
  • To protect and control against Labour Unrest and Social Upheavals.
  • To achieve Co-operation through motivation and security consciousness