Administration of the men is our responsibility. We look after their recruitment training, leave, wages, ESI and PF and any other legal responsibility such as retrenchment etc. The enterprise is at liberty to direct us to remove, replace any of our men at any time not suited to its needs by giving a reasonable cause/ notice. Thus the clients are relieved of the entire administrative set up.

We have a Central Control System. Our field staff has been equipped with the communication to meet sprouting situations of our clients. Beside we are planning to introduce as a modernization plan, a centrally computerized monitoring system, to give the best possible security coverage to our clients.

In keeping with the demands of GALLANT INTELLIGENCE, the company has already diversified its activities into acquiring and installing the latest security gadgets such as burglar alarms, guards alert, car alarms etc. depending on the requirement of the client and has thus become the main unit of at Gallant Intelligence Service Pvt. Ltd

We are committed to provide you with skilled, competent, experienced staff, suitable to meet your security and housekeeping requirement.

The most suitable candidates available to meet your individual needs cover an intense recruitment and selection program, ensuring your assignment.

The most cost effective means to suit your requirements and budget without compromise to the quality of service we are offering you.

A professional attitude and approach by our company coupled with a personal service, never forgetting that your assignment is of paramount importance to our company at all times.